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Today we have added some new features into our sites, thanks for Oddspedia, there are now upcoming matches listed at our site. We have added this just to bring some more joy into everyones lives who follow the Esports scene, or even are within as a player, manager, analyst or even as a coach. We also know, as the Esports family is ever growing, that millions of Esports fans are online at this very moment – and maybe some of them may visit also our site. as a site is still learning the curves and finding the best way to be around – to tell people about Esports, but also to provide even more in the coming weeks, months and years – so keep on folowing us.

If in 2020 there were around 50 games where players could work as a professional player, maybe now 2022 there are a few games more, but more important is, that the local leagues are growing and developing – thus providing more opportunities for teams and players to play as a profession.

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