Youth Esports Company Vanta Leagues to Expand into High Schools in the Fall

Youth esports organization Vanta Leagues announced that they will be expanding their player age range to 8-18 years old starting in the Fall season 2022. These new changes will allow Vanta to expand its esports leagues to work with high schools across the United States. High schools will now have access to Vanta’s free league structure and will be able to develop their programs and players further through Vanta’s coaching offering if they choose. Vanta Leagues will be offering coaching in Valorant, Rocket League, League of Legends, and Fortnite, with many more games to be announced for free competition. 

Vanta Leagues provides esports players with a safe environment where players can improve their skills and focus on becoming great online citizens. Vanta Coaches follow a team-based holistic curriculum throughout a twelve-week-long league, where players practice, learn and represent their schools as they battle for the Vanta championship. Vanta Leagues also provides free competitive leagues where players can participate without professional coaching. 

Currently, Vanta offers leagues for students ages 8-14, and works with middle schools across the country to make esports competition accessible to all. 

“We take pride in the coaching, mentorship, and development that we provide to the middle school gamers who participate on our platform,” says Zack Fabi, Co-Founder and Coo of Vanta Leagues, “We’re excited to grow and have the privilege to provide those same opportunities to kids across the country at all levels of scholastic esports. We see the passion that exists in the high school esports scene and we’re thrilled to be able to provide an accessible option for high schools across the country.”

SOURCE: Vanta Leagues

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