Virtual Pangea Hosts Blockchain Game ‘Hogeman’ Esports Tournament with a Chance to Win a Tesla Model 3

Prizes up to $63,000 are up for grabs for gamers playing Hogeman – the 2D 8-bit NFT game – in the Battle Royale Event on April 23

The NFT gaming world has entered the world of esports with Hogeman, the 8-bit hero with classic platformer gameplay, created by Cryptic Pixel, the game studio division of Virtual Pangea (VP) – an interactive platform aiming to offer Web3 experiences that give the users control and a sense of belonging, through blockchain connected art and gaming. Launched on November 30th, Hogeman is the first NFT-integrated game on the VP platform.

To make it an inclusive gaming experience, Virtual Pangea enables users to participate in its speedrun tournament and win a Tesla Model 3. To enter, players must own a Hogeman NFT from the limited collection of 760 NFTs (ETH), available for purchase directly on Opensea. The NFT owners will automatically become Hogeman Club members and reap all the perks & benefits that come with it.

One of the club’s perks comes in the form of an exclusive invite to compete in Virtual Pangea’s main event Hogeman Speedrun Tournament – Tesla Edition, ending April 15, culminating in a live Battle Royale esports event on April 23. These NFTs are the ‘golden tickets’ for players looking to participate in this exclusive event, dedicated to Hogeman club members only.

The grand prize of the Battle Royale – where the top ten players on the leaderboard will battle for supremacy – is a Tesla Model 3 (or the equivalent of $55,000 in ETH). The total prizes are worth $63,000 and each of the ten players will be rewarded.

“We are excited to deliver our engaging Hogeman game, powered by blockchain technology and offer what is probably the biggest prize in the history of indie games,” said Dani Chear, CEO at Virtual Pangea, “Hogeman Spreedrun Tournament – Tesla edition is our first of many community engagement experiences where we bring all of our passions together, while giving back value to our community.”

The Hogeman game storyline was created to reflect the crypto novice’s experience, facing the “great unknowns of the crypto world.” The various dangers encountered in the crypto space are transformed into nine different game levels, where a player battles different bosses such as Safe Bloke, The Redcandle, The Silver $, The Rug, etc. After defeating a boss, the player gains a special power to help on the journey to save the day.

To make things even more exciting, players must figure out the optimal order in which to play each of the nine levels. The game is designed to give players the thrill and the adrenaline of success, by winning level after level, discovering new weapons, and finally beating the mighty boss: Influencer X.

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Source: Virtual Pangea

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