The Business of Gaming: Exploring Career Opportunities Beyond Esports

The worldwide esports industry generates an estimated revenue of almost three-hundred million dollars. Esports now offers an extensive choice of rewarding careers for anyone who has an interest in playing or watching games. By 2030, the industry is set for global expansion of approximately 26.8%, providing long-term security in the gaming workplace. There are currently a varied selection of esports careers to investigate.

1. Professional Esports Player

The most exciting career could be training to become a professional player. It requires relentless dedication as players need years of daily practice to perfect their skills. Professionals also need calm temperaments to withstand the intense pressure of competing in some of the world’s most demanding tournaments. Players who reach the highest level of their chosen video game may even emulate Johan “NOtail” Sundstein who has earned around seven million dollars in prize money.

2. Creative Software Development

Exciting games such as League of Legends have been developed by a team of highly skilled software technicians. The games are compelling due to their immersive storylines. Anyone who has a lively imagination can become involved in the development of complex plots and introduction of new characters. Artistic or graphic design skills could lead to assisting with the software’s visual presentation.

3. Coding Technician

Technical skills could help gaming enthusiasts follow a career in software development. The games illustrated narratives all have to be coded to perfection to ensure they run smoothly. There are also opportunities for technicians in virtual reality development, data and analytics, and mobile technologies.

4. Marketing Executive

Qualifications in business studies or accountancy could help secure a career in the marketing side of the esports industry. Professional teams have to manage their budgets mainly through sponsorship deals. Sports stadiums also need professional business executives to help them establish as venues for esports tournaments.

5. Tournament Roles

When tournaments such as the LEC are staged, they involve a vast number of logistical roles. These could include organizers within the venue, public relations executives, and floor managers. Practical electrical qualifications should enable people to become lighting technicians, and audio engineers. Visit to find out where the latest tournaments are being staged.

6. Online Broadcaster

When esports events are in progress, broadcasters help audiences appreciate the finer details of the matches. Successful applicants need an extensive knowledge of the games, players, and analytics of the tournaments. Qualifications in creative writing can help with a career as journalist, content creator, or influencer on streaming platforms.

7. Esports Agent

Esports teams usually need an agent to help them construct a successful squad. Agents with an excellent knowledge of professional players’ skills can help identify those who would fit seamlessly into a new team. It’s generally the responsibility of the agents to negotiate lucrative contracts, organize legal documents, and liaise with marketing executives.

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