Team Secret CEO says “We’re not there yet” on why the organization does not have an MLBB team

Where does the money come to a Esports org? Does it come only by winning in tournaments? No, but it is a good start – as the more succesfull organizations teams are, the more the fanbase grows and merch gets ordered – as as fanbase grows, so does the value of visibility – thats why the biggest Esports orgs are more keen on games that are played around the World.

Yahoo Esports SEA interviewed John Yao, the CEO of Europe-based popular esports organization Team Secret, a few days ago. He talked about the organization’s plan regarding a lot of things including their future strategy. But his plan with entering into the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), MOONTON’s popular MOBA, esports scene got the attention of MOBA followers.

Team Secret has a lot of followers in SEA because of the org’s success in Dota 2. Despite having a good fan base, John explained why Team Secret doesn’t have an MLBB esports team. “I don’t think we’re quite there yet”, said Team Secret boss.

Reasons why Team Secret don’t have a roster for MLBB

MLBB has a great number of followers in SEA, especially in Indonesia and the Philippines. But in John’s words, the organization looks for a global base to enter into the scene such as MLBB’s 80% viewership comes from the abovementioned two countries. “Viewership is great but we’re ok with lower peak viewership but wider base”, said John.

But this is not the primary reason why Team Secret is stepping into MLBB. The CEO speaks of two others. One of which is, the game must-have elements to entertain players. So, Team Secret wants to make sure that the esport is actually fun to watch and engaging.

And thirdly, the game has to have global acceptance which MLBB lacks. For example, Team Secret has a PUBG Mobile roster and the game is backed by Tencent.  “The world championship has been in Dubai, it has been in Southeast Asia like they move tournaments across different regions in the world. There are teams from all over that are participating,” said Yao. Besides, Team Secret has League of Legends Wild Rift and Valorant squads which are by Riot.

The organisation may consider joining Mobile Legends esports in the future

The CEO scrapped the rumor about Team Secret’s not joining because of Yao’s non-friendly relationship with Moonton. “A lot of people think we have something against them, but that’s not true.”

Image via Team Secret

Though the organization is not interested in joining MLBB esports soon, that doesn’t mean that Secret won’t ever. “It doesn’t mean we will never get into it. It just means that for right now, it’s not a good fit for what we want,” said Yao. However, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a great potential to glow up globally. So, we might see Team Secret stepping into the esports scene of MLBB.

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