CS:GO legend dupreeh took a strong stance on the leak news on Twitter, which have dominated the news feed over the past week, while practically confirming which team he will join in CS2.

It is believed that this is the final transfer season for CS:GO, and it is turning out to be quite intense. Some transfers have been confirmed, and many others are rumored to be nearing completion, causing even usually calm players to be overwhelmed by the rapid flood of information.

On June 26th, five-time CS:GO Major champion dupreeh is a central figure around whom TSM plans to build their lineup for the glorious return of CS2. The Danish superstar soon after released a tweet strongly confirming this report.

In his tweet, dupreeh expresses his disappointment in the “unprofessional” behavior within the CS:GO scene. He goes on to say that the “absurd amount of leaks” is due to the fact that “people can’t keep their mouths shut and keep things even slightly confidential.”

While the responses to this tweet represent an interesting discussion on the mechanisms of esports reporting and journalism as a whole, dupreeh’s statement implies more than just his views on the industry.

This message comes immediately after the media started reporting in droves that dupreeh is the primary target for TSM in CS2. Notably, the player does not condemn the reports or the journalists but rather the individuals leaking information to the press. Dupreeh’s target of frustration is a strong indication that the reports of his joining TSM are indeed true.

We cannot claim the deal is done until an official announcement is made, but after dupreeh’s comments, his move to TSM immediately rose among the strongest yet unconfirmed leaks. The same cannot be said for TSM’s other reported targets, syrsoN and JACKZ, but the principle stands that if one domino falls, the others are likely to follow.

TSM would be an evocative name to see in CS2 esports, especially if dupreeh is involved. The player and organization have a history together as TSM was the last team where dupreeh and his teammates played before becoming founding members of Astralis’ CS:GO team in 2016.


Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen is a Danish professional CS:GO player. He is renowned as a five-time CS:GO Major champion with the team Astralis. Dupreeh has been playing for Astralis since 2016 and has been a crucial part of the team’s success. He is known for his skillful gameplay and ability to perform under pressure. Dupreeh is also a respected member of the community and has received a lot of recognition within the CS:GO community.

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