Biggest game event in Africa starts tomorrow – Africa Games Week takes place worldwide

Companies such as Xbox, PlayStation, Ubisoft, Unity, Nintendo, Sega, Focus, Devolver, Landfall and many others come together, meet and plan for future projects in Africa Games Week.

As the world lifts the latest COVID-19 travel restrictions, the Africa Games Week team and the City of Cape Town are looking forward to the event happening 23-25 February 2022.

Africa Games Week is the largest gathering of African Game Developers in the world, with over 150 developers from across the continent gathering in one place. Africa Games Week 2022 remains a hybrid event, live at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and virtually on the event platform. 

Across the world, gaming is big business and Africa Games Week explores the business of gaming

Founded in 2018 by Nick Hall (Interactive Entertainment SA) and Rex Bowden (CATALYZE), Africa Games Week is a destination event for African and International Indie game developers and C level Executives from across the world. Companies such as Xbox, PlayStation, Ubisoft, Unity, Nintendo, Sega, Focus, Devolver, Landfall and many others come together, meet and plan for future projects.

Africa Games Week 2022 is bringing together core Gaming industry and community representatives; creators, developers and publishers; from across Africa to meet and connect over 3 days,” says Bowden. “Our program focuses on creating more personal opportunities for connection and knowledge-sharing between the greatest minds in the African gaming industry; another reason going fully virtual in 2021 would have detracted from the event’s value. We hope this will foster partnerships in the growth of the African Game Dev industry locally and internationally.” 

Geordin Hill-Lewis, City of Cape Town mayor, says they are proud to support and be host city to Africa Game Week. “Gaming is fast becoming one of the most important and innovative sectors in technology. It is an area that cuts across various industries, creating solutions in entertainment and education, and has the potential for investment and major job creation opportunities.

As the City of Cape Town, our goal is to provide more support to this industry, including putting in place infrastructure and other mechanisms that enable it to thrive. Our support for events such as Africa Games Week is aimed at ensuring that game developers, especially the youth, have platforms to display their work while also meeting industry experts who can elevate their skills.” 

Africa Games Week 2022 is the umbrella event for multiple sub-events.
The Make Games Africa – Business of Gaming conference is joined by the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (Sweden) and will showcase the A MAZE (Berlin) Train Jam, which occurred online in December 2021.

Africa StreamCon, a conference and meet-up for African and International content creators, is bringing in advertising agencies, platforms, brands, lawyers and creators to explain to each other how they see the industry developing to create a shared perspective and goals. 

Games for Change, who empower game creators and social innovators to drive real-world change using games and immersive media, will be launching their African Chapter during this year’s event; in preparation for their first African satellite event in 2022.   

About Africa Games Week

AFRICA GAMES WEEK is the largest gathering of African game developers, exporter and leaders in the world and this year is pushing the boundaries to make sure the African industry is meeting and building a community to develop the industry. The AFRICAN GAME INDUSTRY has recently had a massive boost of interest with new co-production treaties, and new studios and education facilities being launched which is super exciting for the future. AFRICA GAMES WEEK is the industry curated event that strives to shine a spotlight on the creatives and businesses rising around Africa. Our mandate is to Discover, Engage, Connect and Expose the amazing talents and opportunities that exist and we can only do that by developing a community of African Game Industry representatives that can lead the narrative. This year the AFRICA GAMES WEEK is dynamically focused on developing relationships between the industry and it verticals and hosts 3 key Conferences under its banner including; MAKE GAMES AFRICA, Games for Change Africa and Africa StreamCon.

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