Be Your Own Boss in the Venture Valley Video Game

/PRNewswire/ — Build, Invest and Win with the new Venture Valley game launching today during National Entrepreneurship Week! Giving players the chance to be their own boss in a fast-paced business strategy game, Venture Valley is available now for free (no in-app purchases or ads)  on mobile (iOS and Android) and PC (via Steam). Venture Valley, a project of the Singleton Foundation, takes budding entrepreneurs on a business-growing journey through 35 unique missions in either a single-player campaign, or pits them against friends and foes in competitive esports-style multiplayer play.

Being developed in conjunction with Hyper Luminal Games, Venture Valley is marking its debut with game demos at the Synapse Summit 2022, an event that celebrates and engages thousands of Florida’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs, and students.  Future Venture Valley tournaments and events are listed here.

Venture Valley Gameplay Features:

  • Create and manage more than 16 different businesses from cafes to match-making service, drone deliveries, robot factories and more.
  • Battle other players from around the world in deep multiplayer experiences, or play with friends in custom lobbies.
  • Play more than 35 unique missions set in four locations — Fortune Springs, Mapleburgs, Brickyard, and The Palms.
  • Build, upgrade, and switch out decks of gameplay-enhancing cards to boost your businesses and keep your opponents on their toes with adversity!
  • Get to know and battle a cast of five zany mentor characters on your journey to become the best entrepreneur in The Valley!
  • Customize your avatar, and upgrade your headquarters from a simple RV trailer to a rustic retreat, an elaborate Taj Mahal or even a haunted house.

“With Venture Valley we are empowering players to be the boss as they build, develop business knowledge and win in both The Valley and in real-life,” said Roger Hector, Executive Producer for the Venture Valley game. “Venture Valley gives future business owners the chance to be the next Musk or Bezos as they immediately see the impact of their pricing, employee management, and services. In Venture Valley, anyone can attain their own version of success as they take on new companies and challenges.”

In Venture Valley entrepreneurs start small with a dog (or llama!) walking business and then, by expanding and investing in new ventures, grow their Valley influence to include mini-golf, pizza parlors, a hovercraft ride-sharing service, a robot factory, and more. Along the way, business owners learn real-world financial and business skills and terms. They also experience the highs and lows of being their own boss, and will need to keep in mind that along with success comes rivals. Luckily, competitors can be kept in check by strategically creating a custom card deck of boost and adversity cards that can be slammed down during gameplay to bolster a businessperson’s enterprises or leave opponents scrambling.

Source: Venture Valley

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